10 Easy and Fun wet Weather Crafts for Toddlers!

These toddler-friendly we weather activities will bring a child joy on gloomy days!

They are all straightforward enough for toddlers to play, open-ended, entertaining, and inventive. These projects are an excellent way to spend quality time with your children.

How to make a paper plate umbrella

This easy paper plate umbrella craft will brighten your day on a gloomy day. It’s open-ended, enjoyable, and makes a lovely window décor.

What you’ll need to make your umbrella craft

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Paper plate
  • Cotton Balls
  • Paint
  • Tape

How to make your Paper Plate Umbrella craft

To prepare your project, cut a paper plate in half. Then I split one half in half, giving one half to each girl.

I allowed each of my daughters to choose two or three colors of paint. I used a few drops of each coloring to make up a little pile on an old plastic lid. A palette is a great way to organize your paints. It’s much more efficient and neater than arranging brushes in little paint pots.

Cotton balls were used to apply paint to the wall instead of paint brushes for this project. It’s always exciting to use a variety of colors!

The youngsters got started. My 2-year-old sprayed her paint, but my 4-year-old preferred to smudge it.

That is how I used black construction paper to cut out the handles and create what you see here. We attached our grips to the backs of our umbrellas with tape once the paint had dried.

Our child’s snowflake creation hung in the window to remind us that the snow would soon melt and rain would soon follow.

How do I make cotton ball clouds?

Let your little one create these easy clouds with a cotton ball. It’s simple and delightful!


  • white paint 
  • construction paper
  • Cotton balls

Paint should be spread out on a flat surface, such as a saucer, plastic lid, or anything else with a flat surface.


I began the craft by drawing cloud forms on my daughters’ dresses with a marker. If you’re working with older kids, this step isn’t necessary.

The procedure is simple. Paint some on the saucer in a pile. Grab two cotton balls and a paintbrush, wet them with the paint, and begin painting your cloud.

After the installation, I let the girls create their clouds and a quick demonstration. We had a lot of fun with it, including dabbing and smearing.

Squish painted sun craft.

With this easy-to-do painting project, you may delight in the sun. It’s lovely, simple, and enjoyable!

Do you want to create a fun sun project for your children? This is a fun project for kids to build during the summer or any other time of year. 

Sun painting type of craft

We’re all sun lusters, somehow, at the prospect of summer. In celebration of the summer’s approach and warmer weather, we created a fun craft for youngsters aged three through six years old. Although I’ve seen messy paintings (squish) floating about the internet like a fun method to do artwork with youngsters without making a mess, I thought maybe creating a squish-painted sun would be an excellent method to test out mess-free paintings. This sun painting project was a lot of fun for my toddler. 

The best part about this artwork is that it will never look the same twice! Thanks to the yellow, orange, and red, the sun was made to seem even more realistic. We wanted a design that could be used in both senses of the word: to look at and shine. The idea came from the images of the sun we see in films and photos from space, which is why we picked this style. Make your own Moon and Planet Mobile. It’s a summer school craft or a solar system project for toddlers if you make it mobile.

Sun crafts


  • Cardstock paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Yellow, orange, and red acrylic paint
  • Plastic lock bags
  • Glue stick
  • Blue paper    

Sun crafts for Preschoolers

Remove a slice out of the cardstock paper. It should be small enough to slip inside and from your bag readily.

Using a paintbrush, brush some paint on the paper. Put the bag with the sun inside and seal it thoroughly.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Make the youngsters squish and whirl the paint about to wrap the whole paper with color to create the sun. Remove the bag’s sun (an adult best does this).

Solar System Craft

Paint the paper with the sun while it’s still wet. Using a paintbrush, gently spread the paint onto the paper to make it appear like the sun is burning.

After each coat, allow time for the paint to dry. When the painted surface is dry, apply glue to the sun and position it in the center of the paper.

Bubble Wrap Rain Craft

Create a bright-colored rainy environment for your kids to enjoy. Prepare the umbrellas ahead of time (or use stickers) to make this project go faster.

This project is perfect for kids, and it helps them develop their painting skills while having fun! The bubble wrap art technique is not only beautiful but also very simple! This bubble wrap rain craft is a fantastic spring activity for youngsters of all ages!

Rain Craft 

Spring is finally upon us, and the long, chilly winter is behind us. I enjoy seeing the crocuses, tulips, and daffodils emerging from the snow. The young green leaves on the trees, the lush grass, and the longer days make me HAPPY! It’s beautiful to get out into the fresh air and play, listen to the songbirds chirping, run on the grass, go to the playground, feel a light breeze on your skin, and get away from it all. Rain also falls throughout the spring. Now that the rain has come, everything must grow green, and flowers bloom. But the youngsters are ecstatic to go outside because these wet days make them depressed to be cooped up inside. Don’t be concerned – I have lovely rain activities for your children who will forget they can’t go outside at least for a little while. Toddlers will enjoy this rainy day craft.

Bubble Wrap Rain Craft

This bubble wrap craft is too cute and simple to resist. This EASY spring craft for kids is sure to be a hit with your youngsters, whether you’re a parent, teacher, homeschooler, grandparent, or daycare provider.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this easy project for kids. This fantastic craft is one of my all-time favorite activities to make with kids of all ages, from springtime!

  • A baking sheet with a bit of salt and pepper on it to add depth to the flavor (optional)
  • The white printer paper produced two full sheets of two-sided printing.
  • glue
  • To make it easier to read and understand, you may use construction paper that is colored.
  • Could you keep it clean? Use scotch tape instead of a bandage.
  • paint that can be wiped clean or washed with a palette knife