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Who Am I?

Hi friend!

I’m Anna Anderson. I’m a Canadian mom to three girls (Cat-1996, Monkey-2014, and Fang-2017).

Though I was born in metropolitan Toronto, I grew up in the suburbs of a diverse, mid-sized South Western Ontario city, and went to university in Waterloo, Ontario.

I now live in a rural, tourist village in Eastern Ontario with Monkey, Fang, and my partner of many years, Mr. A, and our four kitties.  Cat is a world traveller, multilingual explorer, and currently attending university in Alberta.

Changing Perspective

In the past, I always fell into the trap of wanting to be like the SuperParents I saw at the playground, and at playgroups.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

They have well-behaved children with immaculate clothing with not a single hair out of place. Their gorgeous homes are full of beautiful child-made crafts, home cooked meals full of everything healthy (and nothing unhealthy). And these SuperParents claim they’ve never raised their voice even slightly at their darlings… ever.

After a lot of reading, thought, and reflection, I decided to make a change in how I was parenting.

Instead of becoming frustrated because my kid liked to get dirty and loved wacky hairstyles, and rather than get angry at myself for serving food that wasn’t straight farm to table or not offering educational crafts daily, I decided to ditch that stress.

I decided to embrace the fact that I am not a SuperMom. And more importantly, I don’t want to be.

I don’t want to be frustrated with my children, and angry at myself. Nor do I want to be stressed out because my life isn’t one long lineup of beautiful Pinterest images. I certainly don’t want to be yelling at my kids because my expectations are unreasonable.

What I want is peace.

And happy memories.

I want to enjoy spending time with my children, and I want them to enjoy spending time with me.

But I also want to do fun family activities, facilitate crafts, have a tidy home, and raise well-behaved children.

So how could I find that balance of wanting it all, but without the stress?

Choosing Contentment

My goal in life is to be intentional with my choices, making decisions that result in my family living our best life.

I have chosen to accept that I’m not perfect, nor are my children. Not everyone is going to appreciate that we are a real live family with real-life stresses, and I am okay with that. I choose not to live up to what they are doing in their family life.

Instead, I choose to live up to my own standards, that I set for the benefit of my own family.

I hope that you will choose to do the same.

Happily Ordinary

I’m an ordinary, laid-back mama.

I have the requisite mountain of laundry (either dirty waiting to be washed and dried, or clean waiting to be folded and put away).

My littles get messy.

They also squabble with each other.

Sometimes, (gasp!) they don’t even wear clothes. Shocking, I know.

But, I know I’m not the only laid-back parent out there. If I was at all the gambling type (I’m not – I don’t even buy lottery tickets, unless it’s a fundraiser), I’d bet you’re also a laid-back parent, even if your social media accounts suggest otherwise.

This website is for you.

How Can I Help?

I believe that most parents want to be superheroes in the eyes of their children, but don’t like the frustration, guilt and stress of aiming for SuperParent status.

With that belief in mind, my goal for this website is to empower families like yours to live your best life, by providing practical solutions to everyday challenges, covering topics including kids, love, and life. You can be your child’s superhero, without the stress of trying to live up to unreasonable SuperParent standards.

I’m going to do my best to give you the tools and knowledge you need to solve your problems. I’ll share tips, tricks, and tutorials on a variety of family-related topics to help make your family life more rewarding and less stressful. (Think crafts and activities, budgeting, parenting, skill building, etc.)

Hopefully, along the way, you’ll be able to skip some of the hardships I had to endure as I figured these things out for myself.

It’s time for a change… for satisfaction… for fun.

Most of all, it’s time for living life as a mostly happy, content, and balanced laid back family where your kids think you’re the best superhero possible.

Decide now to be intentional with your choices, to change your perspective so you’re loving life rather than wishing it was something it isn’t, to give your family the best you can with what you have, without regret.

Following that decision, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Abrazo and Coze newsletter (scroll down a bit for the sign up form) for ongoing motivation and inspiration, and to be notified of new posts.

You got this.


P.S. What Does Abrazo and Coze Mean?

To answer this, we look to the dictionary…

Dictionary.com defines Abrazo as:


a hug or embrace upon greeting or parting

and defines Coze as:

verb (used without object) cozed, cozing.

1. to converse in a friendly way; chat.


2. a friendly talk; a chat.

I want you to feel welcome here. I also want you to feel like you’re having a friendly chat with your best pal.

It might be a little corny, but I’d love to be that friend… you know… the one you turn to for advice and a listening ear.

Comment on posts, and send me a message from the Contact page, or .

I want to hear what you have to say.

Finally, if you’ve got a problem that needs a solution, let me know and I’ll do my best to write a post to help.

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