How To Raise Independent children

Regardless of your child's age, you can foster independence in your children, so they have the confidence and ability to succeed in life challenges.

Raise Independent Children As parents, it’s natural to want to wrap up our kids in cotton wool. We want to protect them from the world and ensure they never get hurt. However, being overly protective will in most cases hinder, rather than help them. Keeping them in that protective bubble won’t result in independent children … Read more

Benefits of Kissing: Why You Should Kiss More Often

You Need To Kiss More: This Is Why. Find out the benefits of kissing your spouse more often.

Kiss More Often To Reap The Benefits of Kissing Have you ever thought about the benefits of kissing? “I think people spend too much time staring into screens & not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing, and dancing under the moon” Rachel Wolchin Well, according to science, Rachel Wolchin is on the right track! Researchers … Read more

Benefits of Meditation – For The Whole Family

Regardless of how you choose to meditate there are numerous benefits to meditating, some quite surprising.

Benefits of meditation for Parents and Kids There are many benefits of meditation, but the best, in my opinion, is that is can reduce stress, making us feel more relaxed and in control. As a parent life can be stressful. Even kids experience a lot of stress. Let’s face it, kids, adorable as they are, … Read more

Sports For Kids: Get Them Hooked On Health & Fitness Early

Sports for kids: Get them hooked early on health and fitness so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Sports For Kids Aren’t All About Fitness In the current day and age, there is a big problem in our society, and this is a lack of opportunity for kids to be active and stay fit. Signing them up for sports, for kids, can have a lot of value, even beyond staying active. Regardless whether … Read more

3 Extremely Easy Ways To Save Money This Year

3 extremely easy ways to save money for every family.

Information for this post was provided by Chime. Family finances: Easy Ways to Save Money Annually, when the new year comes up on the calendar, everyone seems to scurry to make resolutions for the year ahead. This year, include a realistic financial resolution. Find out easy ways to save money for your family this year. … Read more

Becoming Beautiful: Author Interview & Review

Becoming Beautiful by Tarang Rawat Author Interview and Review. Read this magical story that celebrates differences and empowers children to love themselves and others.

Author Interview and Review: Becoming Beautiful I am super excited to share the book Becoming Beautiful with you. Partly because I think it will be an amazing children’s story but also because I’m excited to be part of the hype leading up to its launch. That’s right. Becoming Beautiful isn’t published yet. The illustrations aren’t … Read more