The Difference Between Investment and Savings Accounts

The Difference Between Investment and Savings Accounts: Once you understand the difference between investment and savings accounts, you'll be happy to open up your computer and happily get to work investing your hard earned money, just like the couple in this picture.

Stuck in the Saving Then Spending Then Saving Then Spending Cycle I approached my 30s in a constant state of limbo, saving then spending the same $2,000 over and over again with no actual savings to show for it. I figured there must be a better way to put money away for my future. At the rate I was going, retirement was a fantasy. Fairly recently, I discovered the difference between savings and investment accounts. It changed my perspective. I … Read more

Sedimentary Rock Activity: Easy DIY Pasta Rocks for Curious Kids

Coquina rock and pasta rock coquina style. Pasta Rocks: Easy DIY Sedimentary Rock Activity.

Pasta Rocks! Easy DIY Sedimentary Rock Activity As an elementary school science teacher, Mary Smith is well qualified to share this fun and easy sedimentary rock activity for curious kids. Mary is a mother of two, who splits her time between changing diapers and working at a small charter school that is supportive of science education. She also creates and sells science activities on TPT. In her free time, she is studying Counseling for her M.Ed, which she will complete within … Read more