8 benefits of chess for children

Learning to play chess is one of the best things that children can do for their mental and social development; there are many benefits of chess for both children and adults, which range from cognitive benefits to improved socialization. Chess sets make for perfect gifts for all ages, not only because the game itself is fun and rewarding but due to these excellent benefits. The following are 8 of the most notable benefits of chess for children, although adults will see most of these benefits as well.

1. Chess encourages socialization

Socialization is important for children’s development, and playing with chess sets is a great way for children to learn how to politely interact with others. Whether they are playing with friends for fun or participating in a public tournament, playing chess will help children learn how to socialize.

2. Playing chess improves problem solving skills

Chess requires a lot of problem solving, and children who play chess will better develop their problem solving skills when they regularly play with chess sets. Creating strategies, analyzing strategies and learning how to implement chess strategy in real time are all practical ways that chess encourages problem solving skills to develop.

3. Chess can be a great after-school hobby

Having an after school hobby is beneficial for children who need something to do after school; after school hobbies encourage children to make friends and put their energy into something that will benefit them academically, socially and personally in the long run.

4. Playing chess regularly improves memory

Another benefit of learning to play chess is the improvement in memory. Regularly playing chess can improve memory function and in adults, it can even prevent certain types of memory loss and diseases which cause memory loss.

5. Chess players have better concentration and patience

Learning better concentration and patience is difficult for many children, especially in today’s fast-paced world where everything is expected to be done immediately. Chess will help children develop strong concentration and better patience, which will benefit them academically and for the rest of their lives.

6. Chess is a phone-free hobby

As more and more children become nearly addicted to their phones, chess is one phone-free hobby that will help children embrace an activity that doesn’t involve staying on their phone all the time. Phone-free hobbies are a great way to encourage children to take breaks from technology.

7. Playing chess can improve fine motor skills

Another benefit of using chess sets is that they can improve fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are essential during a child’s development, so this is one benefit that will help children in their real life as well as during school. This benefit can also help adults who are elderly or who have suffered a condition that requires them to relearn fine motor skills.

8. Chess helps improve sportsmanship

Sportsmanship isn’t exactly easy to teach without context, which is where learning to play chess comes in. Children, who play chess with others, especially competitively in a tournament style, will have the opportunity to practice and learn better sportsmanship.

Learning to play chess has many benefits for children and adults, so be sure to consider buying the children in your life chess sets today.