Working together, supporting each other, as in this photo, is important for maintaining a strong partner bond, especially after having children.

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The relationship between parents is the foundation of a strong, healthy family. But with the added challenges that children bring to the family dynamic, maintaining the love relationship often requires a more intentional focus.

Love isn’t limited, however, to the adult relationship in the family.

A person’s ability to love another, is often dependent on their self-love. Additionally, families thrive when everyone feels part of a loving whole – including your children.

Because all those aspects are important, the Love category will cover not only the adult love relationship, but also aspects of loving oneself, and fostering relationship between children and their family members (parents, siblings, extended family) and helping them navigate their relationships with those outside the family unit.

It’s not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

~Friedrich Nietzche

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