Review Policy

Review Policy

Abrazo and Coze accepts products, experiences, and services for review from brands and public relations representatives.

Unless compensated as a disclosed sponsored or advertorial post, we exercise full independence over product reviews.

Receipt of a product, whether solicited or unsolicited, does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product or for the substance of any content produced that discusses the product.

I am happy to review a wide array of products, experiences, and services.

Please read more about Abrazo and Coze, and the Founder, Anna Anderson on the About page.

With that information, you will be better able to decide if your product, experience, or service is a good fit. Then, you can decide if you want a review on this site or on associated social media accounts.

Abrazo and Coze makes use of affiliate links and runs advertisements for various companies. We do not accept products for review that seek to restrict our use of affiliate links or advertising.

As per FTC guidelines, I always disclose up front that I have received a product, experience, or service for free in exchange for our honest review.

Of course, if you believe your product, experience, or service is a good fit, read the remainder of this review policy.

Honest Reviews

While I attempt to accept only products, experiences, or services of interest in hopes of lessening negative reviews, Abrazo and Coze does not guarantee a favourable review, or any review at all.

Abrazo and Coze has a strict policy of objectivity, including identifying any flaws or weaknesses as well as good points in every review we choose to post.

Reviews are provided based on honest assessments of the product, experiences, or service and content will not be provided for preapproval by PR representatives or brands, nor will reviews be edited after the fact based on requests to do so.

Brands or PR representatives that wish to have input, provide guidelines, preapprove, or otherwise collaborate on content will not be accepted for review but might be eligible for inclusion as a sponsored post with compensation.

Receipt of Review Item Not Contractual or Compensatory

All products, experiences, and services received are deemed to be gifts or commercial samples that do not form a contract for review and are not deemed to be compensation for any content that is written.

As per FTC guidelines, I always disclose up front that I have received a product, experience, or service for free in exchange for our honest review.


As with all Abrazo and Coze posts, reviews are shared on Twitter and Facebook (Anna’s personal page and the Abrazo and Coze page). Also, images might be shared to Instagram and Pinterest.

Typically, we will post to each social media outlet at least twice to promote the review.

Reviews are often also shared in various Facebook groups, and introductions to the reviews are occasionally shared on other social networks.

Additionally, Abrazo and Coze encourages brands and PR representatives to share reviews through their own media and marketing channels and to do so as often as they like.

Editorial timeline is currently about 8 weeks from receipt of a product, experience, or service.

Review Criteria

I base reviews on what I believe kids and their parents will like or love about the product, experience, or service. For ease of reading, I will refer to products, experiences, or services as “review items” on this page.

Some common sense criteria I use as guidelines for reviews include (but are not limited to):

Input From Users

I consider input from my kids (and possibly their friends) if the product, experience, or service is age-appropriate for my children. If the review item is for parents, input will come from Mr A and I (and possibly our adult friends).

How do we relate to the review item before, during, and after using it?

If the item is for kids and is beyond their skill level, I might mention this in my review, but only if relevant.

For instance, if it’s rated for kids 2+ and is too complex for our two year old, we would mention this. If it was rated for ages 6+ and it was too complex for my four year old, I would use/play with the item myself or with Mr. A – if older friends weren’t available to play – to complete the review, as necessary, and would make mention of that fact.

Durability and Quality

Are the materials durable or cheap?

If assembly required, once assembled, is the product sturdy or fragile?

Does the product stand up to normal use/play?

Also, if an art/craft product, will parents mind keeping it around to display or will it just add to household clutter?

Educational Value

Are kids or parents learning something while using the product – a skill, a STEAM principal, a creative way to solve a problem – that will benefit them now or down the road?

Does the review item stretch our imaginations or tap into our creativity?

Entertainment Value

Is the review item engaging?

Is it easy for kids or adults to play or use right away or are their complex instructions or rules?

Will kids need help from parents to set up? Will parents need assistance from professionals for set up?

Does it make learning fun? Will we return to play again and again or get bored easily?

Can kids and parents enjoy together? Is it good for solo play? Is it best for couples or groups of adult friends?

If a book, is it a page-turner that the kids won’t put down or that they will repeatedly request to read or have read to them? If it’s for parents, does it provide value in an entertaining and engaging way? Will it become a handy reference that we turn to regularly?

Does the review item provide opportunity for physical activity or improve fitness? Get us outside?

Wow Factor

Is the review item innovative or original?

Is it different or better than similar items?

Is it a family, kid, or parent must-have item?

Marketing Promises

Does the review item deliver on its marketing promises?

Does it do what it’s supposed to do or provide the expected experience or service?

Does it leave us wanting more? Are we excited for what comes next?

Literary Reviews

Abrazo and Coze is currently open to receiving advance reading copies and review copies of books. Read this section of the review policy carefully.

I consider all queries and review copies sent my way and respond to all email enquiries. If you don’t receive a reply to your email within 4 weeks, please assume your request was not received. Please resend (note within the email that you sent it previously).

I can’t promise to agree to every review request. Nor can I guarantee I will review unsolicited review copies of books sent to me.

That said, if I decide not to review your publication I will respond to queries to inform you of that decision. Unfortunately, if you sent an unsolicited physical review copy, without email contact, I won’t be able to respond.

Therefore, please include your email address with any post parcels.


Books should fall within the genre of children’s literature, or non-fiction literature of value to parents and families. As well, magazines, comics, and literary subscriptions that fall within those genres are also acceptable.

Generally speaking, I don’t review books of a religious nature. However, I might make exceptions when I feel the publication will provide educational value or improve diversity and understanding amongst the Abrazo and Coze audience.

Publication Format

I prefer print copies for review over ebooks. Therefore, physical review copies will be given precedence over digital copies. Our preferred format for ebooks is EPUB.

I do not review ebook-only publications. A physical copy of the book must be provided in exchange for the review. It can be delivered after the review is posted if that better suits the book publication schedule. We can decide and agree upon those details via email.

Author Or Illustrator Interviews

All literary reviews will be completed alongside an author or illustrator interview. These are typically conducted via a print exchange of questions and answers. Alternatively, audio or video interviews can be conducted if that is the author or illustrator’s preference.

I will always review publications giving my honest opinion. However, if my review will be unfavourable, I’ll let you know in advance. You can then decide if you want me to proceed with the review.

How To Submit Items for Review

Abrazo and Coze is happy to accept proposals for reviews of products (including literary and subscription products), experiences, and services targetted at kids, families, or parents from brands, manufacturers, and their marketing or PR representatives.

We ask that all review items for children be suitable for kids in the birth to 17 year old age range.

Should your proposal be accepted, your product review may take up to 8 weeks to complete and post to Abrazo and Coze from the date the product is received. Book reviews may take a little longer – up to 10 weeks – depending on length (e.g., board books vs. adult chapter books) and time of year. Summer or winter holidays can be tougher because it is a school holiday.

If I decide to post a review, I will request additional materials (images, links, etc.), as appropriate.

As mentioned previously, Abrazo and Coze doesn’t permit submitters to read or provide direct input to the reviews prior to publication, however, I might contact you with any follow-up questions or to get clarification on product features, as required.

The Abrazo and Coze shipping address can be found on the Contact page.


Abrazo and Coze occasionally offers products, experiences, or services as giveaways through online “sweepstakes” – i.e., random reader drawings with no purchase required for people to enter or win.

If you would like to provide additional products for a giveaway, please note this in your proposal, and we will consider conducting a giveaway in conjunction with the product’s scheduled review.

Review Items After A Review

Some people have asked what happens to review items after being reviewed.

Unless my children really love the review item (and we have room in our home to keep it), Abrazo and Coze typically donates the things we review to local schools or other local family-focused nonprofit organizations.