Health And Happiness Decisions As A Couple

Health And Happiness Decisions As a Couple

When it comes to making decisions as a couple there tend to be two main priorities in life: health and happiness.

They often go hand in hand, but they can also be thought about as two individual things in their own right.

A relationship can start out in lust and love for one another, but when a pair decide to commit and settle down, this is when that couple bond is strengthened.

You have a newfound respect for one another.

You want to make each other happy.

And you want to continue to enjoy your life as a partnership. Eventually, many want to expand their family to include children.

Of course, we can all go a little off topic from time to time, and our relationships can become less of a focus as life takes over.

Work commitments, social calls, your home and financial situation…

These things can be distractions taking us away from our relationship. It’s good to be reminded of what works for us as a couple – what you can do for one another, and ultimately figuring out what makes you happy.

Here are some gentle reminders about some of the decisions you can make as a couple with health and happiness as a focus.


Your health – both yourself and your partners – will be something that becomes incredibly important to you as time goes on.

Getting older means that sometimes our health becomes more of a priority than anything else. And over time it is also important to be mindful that some of these things need to be cared for together as a couple.

With that in mind, here are some of the health concerns that you can consider as a couple.  

Problems trying to conceive

Couples can have issues when it comes to wanting to have a baby and growing their family. And the problem isn’t something that you should face alone.

Trying to conceive can present issues such as struggling to get pregnant, experiencing loss and miscarriage, and even things like ongoing infertility.

These are challenges that as a couple you may have to be prepared to experience, and it can be heartbreaking.

Emotional support is needed. As well, speaking with medical professionals is important so that the problem can be investigated. It’s possible the issues can be treated or dealt with fairly easily.

Plus, the doctors will be able to explain your options based on the results of their tests.

There is always hope, and sticking together can help you through it.

How Many Children To Have

A big decision couples face when it comes to health is deciding whether or not you want more children in the future.

Once you decide you have the right number of children for your family, many couples make a decision as a couple to ensure that no accidents can happen.

This might be sterilization for a woman or a visiting a vasectomy clinic for the men.

These options are permanent changes, of course, and often they cannot be reversed. That makes it especially important to be in agreement that no more children are in your future.

If there is disagreement, you might need to seek counselling to work through that issue. Ultimately, it’s up to an individual whether or not they want to undergo surgery.

checking for lumps and changes in your bodies

There is one thing that both men and women have in common, and that is regularly checking their bodies for lumps, bumps and also unusual changes to their body.

These changes might be noticed by one another, however, being more aware of your own body can help you notice any changes earlier.

Regularly checking is always going to be the best course of action.

Early detection is the best method of prevention when it comes to the biggest threat, which is cancer.

regular Health screening

As a couple, it is always going to be advisable to encourage each other to get regular checks when it comes to standard health screenings – especially the more sensitive procedures, such as smear tests and prostate checks.

These are the two procedures that feel so invasive, but having regular screenings can save lives.

It is always going to be beneficial to be supportive and encouraging of one another, to ensure health checks are done as recommended by medical professionals.

Especially as you get older.

mental health

Are you noticing any changes in your partner?

Are things happening when it comes mood changes, stress levels, frustrations or even depression and negativity?

Often your partner is the first one to notice any significant changes.

Mental health is so important and if you have the support from your partner, you are more likely to be able to overcome issues that you’re facing.

We can all be hit with mental issues in our lives.

It doesn’t matter how great life seems to be.

So be kind to one another, as we often don’t realise what the other is going through. If you notice changes talk to one another and keep the lines of communication open and active.

Caring For Each Other During Illness

Last of all, when it comes to health, we all get sick from time to time.

It could be the common cold, flu, or some other infection that we experience.

Taking care of our partner is the one thing that we can do in their hour of need.

Taking on their usual chores so that they can get rest, and making sure they have what they need are both ways we demonstrate our love for our partner.

It may sound like the simplest of things, but when you’re sick, knowing you have someone there can make a big difference.


While we may have covered all of the ways that health is important and how you can help one another in your relationship with regards to health, you might also want to take some time to consider how happiness can have an effect on how you both feel in your relationship.

Happiness might be natural, but sometimes it requires us to put effort to make it happen in the context of a relationship.

Here are some of the tips to help you keep you happy within your relationship.

Making decisions about life

One of the first things that you can do to encourage happiness in your relationships is to make decisions together.

Sharing the financial aspects of life – paying bills and deciding on major purchases, for instance, can boost a couple’s happiness.

For example, if you need a new stove, and both of you make the decision together on which stove to buy, theoretically, you’ll both be happy with the purchase compared to if one of you goes out to buy the stove without input from the other.

Of course, other factors to consider include things like your career ambitions, making holidays plans, and how you spend your time together.

It’s the small things that can have the biggest impact when it comes to things happiness.


The next thing you could consider to ensure you have a happy relationship is respect.

Having respect for one another can make a big difference in your relationship. Respect is something that you earn as well as reciprocate, so ensure that you have a level of respect in all aspects of your relationship moving forward.

Keep the romance alive

Romance is so important in a relationship, but often life takes over.

If you’re not careful, children can hinder the romance in your relationship. So can general life stress.

It is worth the effort to ensure you take time to keep the romance alive. Simple things such as date nights and communication without phones are great ways to help you work on your relationship.

Show affection

Affection is another thing that can be left less of a priority when it comes to life. But there is nothing better than showing affection towards one another.

It gives you that feeling of security.

It’s that stolen kiss.

That lingering hug after a hard day.

The general feeling of being comfortable with each other.

Affection can make a massive difference in your relationship.


The one thing that each of you might need more of is space.

No matter how much you love each other, and how much you try to be together, sometimes you just need some space to be on your own and to collect your thoughts.

When you take those moments to yourself, it can help to create more harmony and happiness in your relationship.

Know Your Partner

Finally, do you know what makes your partner happy?

Do you know what puts a smile on their face?

Being in a situation where you know these details can really help you to create happiness when it is least expected.

A bunch of flowers. Offering an unexpected drink. Preparing a meal without asking. Or simply offering a hug or kiss. There are many ways to please your partner.

Health And Happiness

Essentially, health and happiness comes down to is looking out for each other.

Helping each other maintain good health. And providing support during times of poor health.

Acting together to ensure you each are happy. Paying attention and tending to your partner’s needs when they are unhappy.

Those are the best ways to ensure your decisions are beneficial to your relationship.

How do you and your partner make decisions about your health and happiness? Let me know in the comments below.

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