How to make dino nuggets in an air fryer

Air fryer dino nuggets are a healthier alternative for a fun-filled and kid-friendly supper or after-school snack! The majority of grocery shops carry dino nuggets or Yummy buddies, which are both fast and simple to prepare.

You’ll love these dinosaur chicken nuggets in the air fryer if you and your family do! It’s a delicious, crispy snack that your children will ask for more of. And, to top it all off, they’re only a few minutes to cook.

When it comes to simple, you can’t go wrong with these fast air fryer appetizers and meals: frozen spring rolls, mini corn dogs, frozen curly sauce, frozen chicken patties, and Totinos pizza bites.

You can use an air fryer for a cinnamon roll, which is delicious. Who said desserts aren’t a part of the food group?

Let’s be realistic: everybody (kids and adults) enjoys dino chicken nuggets as a simple, kid-friendly alternative to fried chicken. (I know I’ve sampled a couple while serving the kids!)

Have your children enjoyed chicken nuggets in Bite-size dinosaur-shaped chewings? The dinosaur nuggets forms make for a lot of enjoyment.

If you like this dish of dino nuggets, try dipping them in your favorite sauce, like barbeque sauce or honey mustard.


The best choice for nuggets is the din nugget-style cooked in an air fryer! Frozen nuggets won’t need to be thawed because your air fryer will provide delicious crispiness. Bye soggy nuggets!

In the air fryer, dino nuggets are a must-try! They’re tasty, crispy, and contain protein. In addition, oil-free cooking reduces extra calories or fats from being consumed!


You may cook any sort of chilled dinosaur nuggets amid the air oven for this particular recipe. Tyson Fun, Perdue, Yummy Dino, Aldi, John Soules Foods, and others are some fantastic chicken nugget brands. Chilled chicken nuggets can usually be found around the freezer section of your local grocery store.

Safe Non-stick Spray for Your Air Fryer: The use of a cooking spray is not a must. However, by doing so, the nuggets will not stick on the fryer basket.


Spray the air oven basket using air oven-safe spray lightly.

Place the chilled dinosaur nuggets inside a fryer basket. Overfilling the basket is not advised.

At 400°F, dinosaur nuggets will take about 8-10 minutes to cook.

If the dino nuggets need longer to cook, continue cooking for an extra 1-2 minutes (check from time to time) until they are crisp enough as desired.


Every parent would love for their children to have the greatest possible life! It might be difficult to pick nutritious wrapped chicken nuggets, often known as the “correct dino nuggets type”

So we decided to simplify things by providing some of the renowned dino chicken nuggets from some of our favorite brands.

  • Tyson Fun Nuggets

Tyson chicken nuggets are full of nutritious chicken nugget pieces. They make use of grain breading to provide a more healthy meal for you and your children. One of the finest alternatives available!

The Perdue nuggets in the air oven are fantastic and crispy! These contain 100% whole chicken meat got from chickens brought up humanely in the United States. These are appetizing and breaded with crunchy coating for a more flavorful and crustier dinner!

  • Yummy Dino Buddies

It’s fantastic, and it has a wonderful flavor! These are ideal for a nutritious and healthy supper for your family because they’re made with real shapes of dinosaur nuggets that aren’t colored, flavored, or preserved.

  • Kirkwood Dino Nuggets

Dino Nuggets from Kirkwood is without a doubt one of the greatest chicken nuggets packages on the market. They make excellent dinosaur-shaped nuggets with white chicken meat with no added hormones.

  • Member’s Mark Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets are high in iron and also omega-3 fats, making them a great choice for any kid. These nutrients support excellent heart health and a good circulation of blood in your children. There’s no better way to give your kids healthy supplements than by giving them a delicious crunchy dinosaur meaty dinner?

  • John Soules Foods Dino Nuggets

John Soules brand produces excellent chicken nuggets that are both child-friendly and shaped like a dinosaur. Their chicken nuggets are nicely seasoned and well-breaded, meaning they are both tasty and have a great texture.

  • Golden Platter Gluten-Free Dino Nuggets

Dinos don’t have much of a complicated formula. The nuggets from this brand provide fully-natural and gluten-free nuggets that incorporate flavor, texture, and amusement!

  • Wellshire Chicken Dino Bites Nuggets

All of Wellshire products have been developed and tested to improve nutrition value while still providing great taste. All are low in sugar, fat, and cholesterol. Wellshire Dino Bites are a nutritious and fast dinner!


Dino nuggets cooked in the air fryer are healthier than deep frying.

Deep frying is not always better than using an air fryer to cook dino nuggets.

In addition to the original chicken nuggets, there are also vegan dino nuggets, spicy dino nuggets, tofu dino nuggets, chicken dino nuggets, meat-free dino nuggets, gluten-free dinosaur nuggets, plant-based dinosaur nuggets, and vegetarian dinosaur nuggets.


Tyson dinosaur nugget and Yummy dino are a healthy and tasty alternative for an enjoyable child-friendly supper or evening school snack in the air fryer! The nuggets are fast and easy to make and can be found at most supermarkets.

The delicious, crispy dino chicken nuggets in the fryer are ideal for you and your children! Your kids will ask for more after eating these. These will only take a short time to prepare!

That is the perfect scenario. Chicken meat that has been shaped into interesting designs, breaded and seasoned to perfection. It’s always a hit with both children and adults!

If you love this dino nuggets recipe, try pairing these up with your favorite dipping sauce such as honey mustard or barbeque sauce.

If you enjoy this nuggets recipe, attempt serving it with your best-loved dipping relish, like barbeque sauce or honey mustard.


It’s simple to reheat frozen dinosaur nuggets in a fryer! Even when cold or even frozen, follow these simple procedures to achieve ideal crunchy and crispy nuggets:

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes.
  2. Set the dino nuggets in the air fryer and simmer for 2-3 minutes, or till crisp and warm all through.
  3. Take them from the fryer, and then serve.