You’ve Found the Tickle Trunk: Unlock all of its Treasures

The Tickle Trunk

You might be wondering what the heck the Tickle Trunk is. I promise it isn’t anything kinky (I know, that probably just disappointed a bunch of folks), but I can promise it is amazing!

When I was a child, Mr. Dressup was a television show that pretty much all Canadian kids watched.

One of the highlights of the show was his magical tickle trunk.

Each episode, he’d open it up and pull out the exact dress up costume he needed for whatever story he was telling. (If you want to see Mr. Dressup’s tickle trunk in action, check out this video. Fast forward to 18:15.)

It didn’t matter what the story was about, Mr. Dressup would always get ready to tell the story to Casey and Finnegan, and that included going to the trunk to get out his costume. And without fail, that trunk offered up exactly what he needed.

The Tickle Trunk here on Abrazo and Coze isn’t full of costumes, of course. But it is full of wonderful resources that will make your life easier.

What could be more magical than that??

How to Unlock the Tickle Trunk

When you’re reading a post that has a related free treasure, there will be an option to subscribe to the Abrazo and Coze newsletter, which contains the key to unlock the trunk. Or, if you’re just eager to see what’s inside, sign up below and go have a look.

You’ll find a little bit of everything because I’m all about making life easier.

You’re a laid back, easy going family, after all… not a SuperMom or SuperDad keen on doing everything from scratch. (Well, maybe you are… but I am NOT. I don’t have the time, motivation, or energy for that level of intensity. I’m low maintenance, easy going, and happy without that unnecessary stress.)

I figure, why expect you to reinvent the wheel?

Once you’ve peeked inside, let me know what you think.

Do you have a favourite resource you wish you’d found sooner? Do you wish a certain treasure was inside but isn’t? Odds are good someone else does, too. Take a moment to send me a message and let me know.

The Tickle Trunk is out for maintenance. Thanks for your patience. Check back next week and it should be back online.

Open the Tickle Trunk

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