Active Kids: Three Awesome Ways to Keep Your Kids Moving

Three Fun Ways to Have Active Kids

The art of raising active kids has changed.

Not very long ago children were free to be independent, active kids, playing outside all day.

Now, with school or daycare, homework, laws in some areas against unsupervised children playing outside (even in their own yards!), we as parents need to put more thought into how to keep our kids moving.

Children were always out in the streets running around and generally living a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle. So it’s amazing to see the change that has happened, and how hard it has become to actually keep kids healthy.

For some families, it’s now a big battle to simply get them out of the house and doing anything away from the TV in their free time.

But that’s only because of the trend the world seems to be following. Or at least the westernised world. And it doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed.

Childhood obesity is now on the rise, with more people becoming aware of the problems it can cause. So it is spurring people on to keep their children active, rightly so.

That’s why I’m going to give you three open-ended suggestions to try. You’ll be able to keep your kids active and having so much fun doing so!


Swimming is one of the best, and most underestimated, ways of keeping healthy.

It’s something that you might casually think about as an adult. Yet it seems like something we never really get around to.

Now with your kids, it’s definitely something you should try and make time for each week. If they’ve never gone swimming before, there are plenty of ways to learn to swim for kids. Joining a class is probably your best option.

Lessons make it more of a social event for your children, and something that you’re both more likely to stick to. Once your kids can swim, it’ll remain a fun social activity to share with them.

Swimming can be done at either a leisurely pace, with plenty of play. Or, they might get into competitive swimming. Either way will be so good for their health as they get older!

Adventure Play

Adventure play is something you should always think about when wanting to keep your children active.

There are so many indoor soft place centres, and outdoor play areas that you could take them to. Whether for a short time or for a few hours, they’ll be on the move the whole time.

Although it’s not a sport and doesn’t feel like hard work, it gets them on their feet and running around, while still having a ton of fun. They’ll not only work their bodies, but also their minds as they participate in pretend play at the same time.

There are often cafes or benches for you to relax at nearby as well, so it’s not going to be one of those occasions where you’re running around after them!

Fun Runs

Fun runs are definitely one of the best things that you can participate in, for both you and your children.

From obstacle courses and mud runs to charity walks and runs, there are all types of events out there that you can take part in.

You don’t have to be really good at sports, or have a good amount of stamina to do this, so it most definitely is family friendly. All you have to do is find the fun in it, and go and enjoy the event! Something like a mud run is no doubt something your kids will love!

Active Kids Grow Into Active Adults

Swimming, adventure play, and fun runs are three amazingly fun activities to do as a family, or simply for just the kids.

They keep everyone moving and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. And by learning to be active while young – especially in such fun, open-ended ways – your kids will grow up to be active adults who are more likely to be healthy.

It’s all part of the life skills they need to be successful and healthy as adults.

What are your favourite ways to keep kids active? Let me know in the comments below.

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