8 benefits of chess for children

Learning to play chess is one of the best things that children can do for their mental and social development; there are many benefits of chess for both children and adults, which range from cognitive benefits to improved socialization. Chess sets make for perfect gifts for all ages, not only because the game itself is … Read more

10 Myths About Kids And The Internet

Eventually, every kid starts to explore the world of the internet. It can become a serious problem for parents who don’t know what to expect from this development. There are a lot of myths about the internet that scare diligent parents. Let’s find out which of the popular myths about the internet are true. MYTH … Read more

Parenting Styles You Wouldn’t Want for Your Children

Becoming a parent can be one of the hardest jobs you’ll have. Apart from the responsibilities of clothing, feeding, and educating your kids, you’ll also need to be aware of your parenting style. This is important because the way you raise your children can spell the difference between them growing up to be well-adjusted adults … Read more

Oy, Elephants!: Author Interview and Review

Cover of Oy, Elephants! titled Book Review & Author Interview

Book Review: Oy Elephants! Deborah Stevenson has written another fun story! This time, it’s full of whimsical imagination and is sure to be a crowd pleaser with elementary school aged children. Oy, Elephants! starts off with Joel heading off for a trip to visit his grandparents in Florida over summer break. He likes visiting his … Read more

How Mistakes Enhance Learning

How Mistakes Enhance Learning

How Mistakes Enhance Learning No one wants to be wrong. No one wants to make mistakes. Despite our wishes, though, mistakes happen. And as uncomfortable as it can be to call out the wrong answer in class or answer an entire section on an exam incorrectly, these moments in life are crucial to learning – … Read more

Aidan The Wonder Kid: Author Interview And Review

Author Interview and Book Review: Aidan The Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped! A food allergy & intolerance story, written by Colleen Brunetti, illustrated by Dan Carsten.

Book Review: Aidan The Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped Aidan The Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped! A Food Allergy & Intolerance Story is written by Colleen Brunetti and illustrated by Dan Carsten. Colleen has done a wonderful job exploring the challenges of children with food allergies and intolerances. All in a … Read more

52+ Indoor Activities With Kids

52+ Fun Indoor Activities With Kids.

A year of Weekly Indoor Activities With Kids Sometimes I find that although I finally have time for fun, and I’m not mentally weary from stress I just don’t know what fun things to do with my kids, especially when the weather is crummy. In that spur of the moment, I can’t think of any … Read more